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Walter-Gropius-Schule Hildesheim

Walter-Gropius-Schule Hildesheim is a vocational college in Northern Germany, about 30 km south of Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony. Our college is publicly owned and was founded more than 100 years ago, originally as a vocational training centre specialising in skilled trades and agriculture in Hildesheim. The college was established in 1956 at its current location and in its present form. Since 1998 the college has been named after the German architect and founder of Bauhaus, Walter Gropius. Gropius’s concept of combining skilled crafts, design and technology plays a major role in education at our college today. Walter-Gropius-Schule is within 15 minutes’ walking distance of Hildesheim city centre. We offer a wide range of vocational courses and qualifications in construction engineering, wood technology, paint technology and interior design, printing and media and packaging technology, personal hygiene and cosmetics, nutrition and home economics, and farming. We also offer general education to acquire basic, intermediate and higher school leaving qualifications.

Our college has about 100 teaching staff and a total of 1700 students. About 60% of our students are part-time and carry out training within the German ‘Dual System’ which requires students to have an apprenticeship contract with a company which provides above all the practical side of vocational training, as well as the necessary work experience. The vocational college primarily provides the theoretical expertise for the profession concerned. At the end of their course the students qualify as fully-skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. Our other students are full time and round off their general education at different levels or carry out full-time vocational training for a range of qualifications. The majority of our students are 16 to 20 years old, but we do have mature students in our further qualification courses too.